Sendingo has been serving Praktiker since 2011 in the fields of promotional email and digital display communication. We’ve been helping to work out a consistant graphical and copyrighting style accross media.

Subscription Process

In 2015 a new email adress capturing process was designed and developed to help increase dynamics of mailing lists’ growth. We proposed to set up specific rewards along the process to draw more subscriptions.


Icon Set

In 2015 we have been approached to design a set of icons for the newly redesigned Praktiker website. After several iterations a satisfying result has been achieved. Icons are also used in Praktiker stationary shops.


Email marketing planning, design and campaign execution

From 2011 to 2014 we have been responsible for overall preparation of each mailing campaign from the stage of conception, through design, scheduling, execution and basic analytics. Over 100 campaigns were developed during this period.