2015 - present

I co-founded and now focus on two businesses, one of which is a VR production studio Virtuality. Second is a software house Giant Lazer. I’m also countinuing freelance work for agencies and companies of various types and sizes.


Co-founder and creative director at Sendingo (part of Divante back then) — an emarketing agency created for the ecommerce market. Depending on the day, I handled client campaigns, designed and developed emarketing tools, conducted sales deals and did operations work.


I ran my own web design and development studio for around 6 years. My background consists of a broad mix of creative & technical pursuits spanning visual design for web and applications, flash object-oriented programming, brand conceptual and development work.



Speaker at Aula Polska - Wrocław - #odbijamyIzaka - 360° Video Marketing Campaign Case Study


Speaker at EastBiz - Białystok - #odbijamyIzaka - 360° Video Marketing Campaign Case Study


Article on - Virtual Reality In The Real World. How to use it in marketing? (in polish)


Speaker at KielceCom Design #3 - Kielce - Design Process For Conversion In Email Marketing


Nomination and honorable mention on Webstar Festival - Nife Email Marketing Campaign - Sendingo Sp. z o.o.


Article in Online Marketing Magazine - Praktiker Email Marketing Case Study


Speaker at EcommerceStandard - Lifecycle Email Marketing


Speaker at Aula Polska - Wrocław - Email Marketing Automation.

After hours I'm into street photography, so check out my Instagram.

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